Kutsu ystävyyslippukuntasi Ilvekselle!

Onko teillä ystävyyslippukunta Suomen rajojen ulkopuolelta? Oletteko saaneet ulkomailta uusia partiokavereita, joita olisi kiva tavata vielä uudelleenkin? Nyt on mahdollisuus kutsua heidät osallistumaan kanssanne vuoden 2019 piirileiri Ilvekselle!

Jotta yhteydenotot ulkomaalaisiin partiotuttaviin leirin tiimoilta olisi teille mahdollisimman helppoa, löydätte Ilveksen nettisivuilta kirjepohjan (osoite / linkki), jota voitte hyödyntää yhteydenotoissanne.

Lisätietoja ulkomaalaisten leirivieraiden kutsumisesta saatte KV ja EVP mestari Veera Viitalalta, veera.viitala@partio.fi.


We would like to invite You…

To our camp Ilves19!

Ilves19 is the district camp of The Guides and Scouts of Häme for summer 2019.

The camp will be held from 24th of July till 1st of August 2019 at Evo, which is one of Southern Finland’s largest wood and forest areas, in Hämeenlinna, roughly 2 hours away from Helsinki. Cub Scouts (kids between 7 and 9 years of age) will participate for the beginning of the camp from 24th till 27th of July 2019.

Ilves19 will be a camp for approximately 5 000 participants, and it will be run in Finnish. Although the camp is run in Finnish, English is a commonly spoken language at the camp.

All participants will have a program for their own age group. Commonly at Finnish scout camps participants from explorers up (from the age of 15) must have a staff position at the camp. Explorers (15-17 years old) do a two-day position, rovers (18-22 years old) half-time or fulltime position and adults (Guides and Scouts older than 22) a fulltime staff position.

The camp fee will be about 210 € for the whole camp, not including the travel cost to and from the camp site. Registration starts on 1st of January and it will be open until February 14th 2019.

You can camp with your friendship scout troop and thus live thru the experience with all of us! If You have any question, please contact your friendship scout troop contact at this point.

You can also find the camp online.




More information will be out in November 2018.

You are all warmly welcome!